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Welcome to my space, gorgeous! I'm Shannon, a stylist + photographer from Central Ma, now proudly offering my knowledge around the country. 

As a homeschooling mama of three boys, everyday I am discovering the secret sauces to teaching + helping other hairstylists. I also (very much) understand the need for "me-time" + selfcare,  so I've helped to create a beautiful, clean + relaxing environment (with a few special + unique surprises when you visit me in my chair!) to leave you feeling amazing & confident. 

I've been a Stylist, Massage therapist, & photographer for 7+ years together, and I love practicing my passions more and more as time goes on. 

I specialize in lived in hair, and bridal services, with a little twist of add-on massage services & photoshoots intertwined. I take great pride (+ lots of enjoyment!) out of traveling to some of the best classes for my niches often. 

While most stylists may give you a hairstyle you like and wish you well after your appointment, you may find that I take my role as a stylist, daymaker, + educator a bit differently.  I take the time to consult thoroughly, to identify exactly what you may be struggling with, and then provide you not only an amazing personalized experience with killer hair- but you can be sure you'll have plenty of tricks to take home from what you've learned. If or when additional issues come up, we will work through them together. 

When I'm not in the salon, you can bet I'm learning something (reading, classes, training, youtube, etc!). Oftentimes, I'm photographing my kiddos, chickens, or taking portraits, (practice makes perfect!) so I can share all of the new things I've learned with you! 

I have a well known, signature scalp massage, and am oftentimes trying out my new massage/relaxation techniques- so If you're in for an appointment, you just may get to experience a little bit of that....

Most stylists know I loveee food + sweets, so don't be surprised if I have some ready for you during your hair appointment, or if I show up to your classes with some treats..... 

XOXO Shannon 

If you want to become a client, or if you are a stylist and want to come to a class, Click below!

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