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Welcome to my space, gorgeous! I'm Shannon, a hairstylist educator + photographer from Central Ma, now proudly offering my knowledge around the country. 

As a homeschooling mama of four boys, everyday I am discovering the secret sauces to teaching + helping other hairstylists.

I've been a Stylist, Massage therapist, & photographer for 7+ years together, and I love practicing my passions more and more as time goes on. 

When I'm not working, you can bet I'm learning something (reading, classes, training, youtube, etc!). Oftentimes, I'm photographing my kiddos, chickens, or taking portraits, (practice makes perfect!) so I can share all of the new things I've learned with you! 

XOXO Shannon 

If you are a stylist and want to come to a class, Click below!

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